Dedication to Animal Nutrition

Dedication to Animal Nutrition

Today marks the 31st anniversary of Barb Tremayne's employment with Purina. Barb is a registered veterinary technician who joined the company in 1981. Barb began her career with Purina helping to develop products such as dewormers and fly sprays for Ralston Purina's Health Industries division. She then moved to Veterinary Services, where she remains today. It is difficult to describe all that she does in a day, because she is definitely our "jack of all trades", our own Miss Fix-it. She does it all, from assisting me in taking care of the animals here at the research farm to performing laboratory analysis on samples collected from all of our research units. She also does all the ordering, inventory and equipment maintenance, along with countless other tasks through the day. Barb is a huge asset to our operation and we couldn't do what we do without her.

In today's world loyalty, passion and dedication are often lacking in the workplace. Barb's committment to helping make the lives of animals better through nutrition is a great example for us all to follow. Thanks Barb for all that you do!

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