Almost there!

Almost there!

I took a quick video this afternoon while we were looking over our pregnant mares. We like to look usually at least two times a day to note any small changes that might tell us that the foal is on it's way. This mares nickname is "Snakebite" (or snakey) her registered name is "Easy Pure Pride" and she is in foal to a stallion named "Sixes Country" this year. All of that wonderful snow we had last week is now gone and has been replaced by gooey clay! Of course all of the horses decided to take a roll in it and make themselves a total mess.

Looks like some job security to me!!

- Nutritional Support For Lactating Mares
Foals are eating machines that rely on their mother’s milk to help them grow and develop. If you’re not mindful, they can drain a mare of her nutrients leaving her in poor body condition. Mares can lose a significant amount of weight during lactation...

- Nine Is Fine!
Number nine out of ten expected foals arrived yesterday, he got to go out and explore the world this morning. (He thought the human with the camera was the most interesting thing apparently) Our foals get 24 hours with mom in a stall before their first...

- Sneaky
When you work with horses surprise is never in short order. At the last check around midnight neither of the mares we suspected yesterday (Patty or Snakey) was looking much different, and this mare (Lucy) was just kind of hanging out. Lucy is actually...

- Tonight Maybe!
Snakey is still holding onto her foal and not really showing us any signs of foaling for this evening, BUT another mare is! Patty has had some wax on her teats today and has been restless all afternoon. Tonight might be the night. The side view picture...

- Monday, Monday
With the holidays being over its back to work! Just another Monday here at the farm, we are getting ready to haul our mares down from pasture in preparation for foaling. We usually like to do it a little earlier but the weather has not been very cooperative!...